A Licorista

A Licorista



(+351) 213 431 415


Rua dos Sapateiros 220

1100-581 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday

12:00 às 15:00 / 19:00 às 22:00

The Shop

Store created in the 1920s by Sociedade Abel Pereira da Fonseca. It was frequented by the poet Fernando Pessoa and has decorative elements of the time, as photographs that were published in the Jornal Expresso.

Licorista originally belonged to the company with the same name, founded in 1896, which was dedicated to the manufacture of "national fruit" liqueurs. In 1915 the company changes its name to "Companhia Portugueza de Licores" and in 1922 it had already been acquired by "Abel Pereira da Fonseca Lda". In the edition "Programa de Artes e Ofícios" with legal deposit of 1994, it was entitled "Lojas Antigas de Lisboa".

A Licorista
A Licorista

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Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Portuguese.

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