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Esfera da Sorte

Esfera da Sorte



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Rua do Arsenal 66


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2ª a sexta

09:00 / 18:00

The Shop

Given its presence in the place since 1935 (according to the owner) and 1947 (according to the insurance), with the same activity and many loyal local customers for decades, this store is part of the collective memory of the neighbors; customers, workers working in the area, who usually go there to buy tickets, lotteries, tobacco, etc. This is part of the ritual of many people who live and/or work in the area.

The entire commercial space is dominated by two long wooden “L” counters, alongside these, the wooden and glass display windows that display numbers of cautions and other games of chance lining a side wall. The decoration is based on the developed activity. Scratch cards and winning tickets/numbers sold in the store are registered and displayed, decorating the space.
The use of carved wood and inlays in different tones on the counter, in the showcases and shelves, in the separator between the storage area and the office; the decorative plasterwork on the ceiling, the raised and different-toned glass on the divider, as well as the lettering and the design of the glass panel, also have a decorative function.

Esfera da Sorte
Esfera da Sorte

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