Farmácia Teixeira Lopes

Farmácia Teixeira Lopes



(+351) 213 424 816


Rua do Ouro 154/156

1100-063 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

Monday to friday

08:30 / 19:30


10:00 / 14:00

The Shop

On the corner of the building, a stone written in cursive script. Two brothers, he in management and she in technical direction, maintain a 3rd generation business founded in 1911. Refurbished in 2004, the original cabinets, painted in white, the old stones, the electronic scale and tension meter, link the new to the old.

The pharmacy space is almost entirely surrounded by displays/cabinets in painted wood with glazing, which fill the space from floor to ceiling. Low shelves, with marble tops, topped finished by taller shelves.

Farmácia Teixeira Lopes
Farmácia Teixeira Lopes

& Services

Medicines and other pharmaceuticals.

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