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Snob Bar

Snob Bar



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Rua do Século 178

1200-438 Lisboa

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19:00 — 03:00

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Prior to 1964 a tin/metalworking workshop was based at this address. Close by were the offices of the newspaper O Século, where Paulo Guilherme D'Eça Leal was a draughtsman. It was he who conceived the bar’s intimate but austere ambience. However, he only managed the bar for 3 years. It was then purchased by Adriano de Oliveira, the brother of the current owner, Albino de Oliveira.

In 1974 Albino was living in Germany when he got news of the revolution in Portugal. By January 1975 he had returned and was serving drinks in the bar, where he still works to this day, bringing in important generations of journalists, politicians, writers, artists and actors, indeed all who sought conviviality as they got up to date on the news from the city, the country and the world. Even those who sought out Snob simply because it was “an authentic news agency” could not remain indifferent to its culinary delights, first and foremost the renowned Snob Steak.

Snob Bar
Snob Bar

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