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Outside the shop one can read the words “Masters in Carpets Since 1943” surrounded by decorative arabesques and volutes. Tricana was indeed founded in 1943 by Joaquim Baeta, the beginnings of a family tradition in the manufacture of rugs and carpets. In 1946, the business set up shop in Avenida Praia da Vitória. Today, Miguel Baeta, the founder’s grandson, continues to roll out the same carpet to visitors as his grandfather, so to speak.

Despite the very Portuguese name and the fact that the business also sells domestic carpets, such as the traditional carpets from Arraiolos, Portalegre and Beiriz and tufted carpets, the stand-out products today come from the Orient, or from other international carpet weavers, such as those from France. There is also a selection of contemporary carpets, designers carpets (e.g. by Versace) and wall-to-wall carpeting. Another important aspect is the cleaning and repair of existing carpets. For all the steps necessary in these business transactions , including expert advice and valuation, Tricana can count on a team of specialists from Turkey and Iran, who have complete know-how regards the traditional methods.


& Services

Domestic and international carpets; carpet restoration, valuation and expertise.

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