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Domingos & Nogueira

Domingos & Nogueira



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Rua do Terreirinho 78

1100-599 Lisboa

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Opening hours:

2ª A 6ª

09:00 — 18:00

The Shop

“There’s still life in the neighbourhood”, João Nine, one of the owners of this shop, along with Rui Nine, is convinced. He acknowledges that the number of people who have left the neighbourhood in recent years is noticeable; but there are those who stay – and, of course, newcomers arriving. At the shop entrance, next to a slate with “Founded in 1948” written on it in chalk, are strips of cork with Barcelos cockerel patterns and Number 28 trams bearing the word “Lisbon”. Obviously, a welcoming wink to the foreign tourists who, according to João Nine, “like to come in, look around the shop and sometimes even buy something”.

Domingos & Nogueira continues to be a reference for its specialised service, both for professionals from diverse fields – shoemakers, saddle-makers, bag-makers, bookbinders, upholsterers, artisans and designers – and the amateur. The largest range of products is the shop’s leathers. Cowhide leathers are what one sees most, but the shop also has snake, fox and rabbit skins. One can add to this all kinds of materials and tools used in the aforementioned professions, as well as the fact that the shop also does minor pieces of work and repairs.

Domingos & Nogueira
Domingos & Nogueira

& Services

Shoe-making articles, soles, leathers and cork.

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