Laurentina Restaurante

Laurentina Restaurante



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Avenida Conde Valbom 71 A,

1050-067 Lisboa

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Laurentina is a popular brand of beer in Mozambique and was so before the country gained independence in 1975. Around that time, all who saw themselves forced or chose to return to Portugal found a meeting place here. António Francisco Pereira chose to return and continue in Lisbon the successful restaurant business he had had in the Alto Maé district of Maputo. Curiously enough, he had to find a new name because his first choice already existed and is indeed today another Historic Shop – the Leão D’Ouro Restaurant. In 1976 he took over a grilled meat restaurant located in the same street as the current business. He arrived at the present-day address in 1987, accompanied at all times by Jaime Vieira, today the house’s oldest employee.

The restaurant maintains its fame as the king of salt cod where salt cod itself is king. One only has to look at the interior decoration, communication elements and the devotion to the said fish delicacy in the menu. The house’s specialty comes from the Beira Baixa region, from where the founder himself originates – oven-roasted cabbage wedges and salt cod served in clay pots. But here you will find salt cod in many different and glorious forms.

Laurentina Restaurante
Laurentina Restaurante

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