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Armazém das Malhas

Armazém das Malhas



(+351) 21 814 5034


Rua do Forno do Tijolo 50-50A

1170-138 Lisboa

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10:00 — 19:00

The Shop

The Armazém das Malhas is a paradigmatic example of how a shop can remain relevant (including meeting consumer challenges in terms of sustainability) without ignoring its own history. That history began in 1941 in Rua dos Fanqueiros at the Miranda & Ferreira company, where Durbalino Marques, the grandfather of the current store managers, Tiago and Tomás Marques Luís, started to work, remaining a manager until today. Ten years later the firm moved to Rua Forno do Tijolo, where it devoted itself to both the retail and wholesale business. In 2014, the grandsons decided to take over the business. They relied on their grandfather’s know-how, who taught them a bit about everything – from working with yarns to relationships with customers and suppliers.

All the shop’s products are manufactured in Portugal and reflect a concern with the ecological footprint – with respect to the materials used, maintaining business relationships with suppliers, committing to more durable products and keeping transport distances to a minimum.

Armazém das Malhas
Armazém das Malhas

& Services

Knitted garments (pullovers, capes, scarves, etc.).

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